A Moving Romance (2016) Ambyr Childers, Keegan Allen, Jim O'Heir, Walter Perez, Amanda Perez Movie Review

A Moving Romance (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

A Moving Romance (2016)

Moving Forwards

After being let go from her job as an interior designer in the city, Olivia Wilson (Ambyr Childers) finds herself returning home to her dad, Neil (Jim O’Heir), where he runs a removal company which is celebrating its 25th year. Whilst there, Olivia also meets Scott (Keegan Allen - The Hazing Secret) who basically takes care of doing the removals when ever Neil isn't around. But the removal business is in danger as a big company has moved into the area and is swallowing up smaller businesses whilst Scott is concerned for his grandma who isn't well but refuses to move out of her home. Together Olivia and Scott work together to save the business and in doing so become close. But when Olivia receives a job offer back in New York she must make a choice between the life she thought she wanted and the one she has now.

So whilst "A Moving Romance" may have been shown on the Pixl channel it uses a familiar story idea which is the basis of many easy to watch TV movies. We have the city girl who returns home to where she grew up and finds herself not only involved in the family business, which of course has problems, but also finds herself falling for the guy who has been pretty much been running it for her father, who since his wife died has been struggling to feel motivated. As such "A Moving Romance" certainly has that predictable side to it which on paper makes it sound like another one of those made for TV movies which you can watch without really watching it.

But credit where it is due as "A Moving Romance" does have a more elaborate feel to the over all story, so whilst we get the usual initial difficulties as Olivia upsets some of her dad's workers we also have a bigger company trying to buy up smaller businesses and are willing to use under-hand tactics to do so. We also have further subplots involving Olivia's friends who she grew up with. It means that whilst you can predict where "A Moving Romance" is going to end up it still keeps you watching because of the extra story bits which are tossed into the mix.

What this all boils down to is that "A Moving Romance" is pretty much a routine family TV movie, the sort of inoffensive entertainment which doesn't require your undivided attention. But it is one which whilst predictable is nicely filled out with subplots and extra characters to keep you entertained.