A Majestic Christmas (2018) Jerrika Hinton, Christian Vincent, Stephanie Breton. Christopher Hayes, Kevin Hanchard, Helena Marie Movie Review

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Jerrika Hinton in A Majestic Christmas (2018)

Almost a Majestic Hallmark Christmas Movie

Nell (Jerrika Hinton - A Christmas Kiss) grew up in the charming town of Briar Falls where each year, when Christmas rolled around, the entire town would take part in several days of festivities culminating in the annual Christmas tableaux being put on at the historic Majestic Playhouse. It is why having moved to the city to work as an architect her heart sank as she was given her first project to lead, the redevelopment of the Majestic Playhouse into a modern multiplex, something she is aware that many of the town's residents are not keen on. It also brings her in to contact with Connor (Christian Vincent) who inherited the Majestic from his late aunt and thanks to his parents always moving around when he was young never celebrated Christmas, except one which he spent with his aunt in Briar Falls. Whilst wanting to do a good job of leading her first project Nell also wants to save the Majestic and hopes maybe showing Connor the joys of Christmas in Briar Falls will do so.

For those who are unaware "A Majestic Christmas" is a Hallmark Christmas movie and for some that may conjure up such words as cliche and overly sweet but for me it also conjures up movies that appeal to audiences who appreciate and yearn for traditional Christmases. And that is simply what you get in "A Majestic Christmas" as we have a story of a young woman seeking to be a success in work but is in touch with the traditions of the community and wants to preserve them. As such we do have various traditional Christmas festivities on show in "A Majestic Christmas" such as ice skating as well as the Christmas show all of which run alongside that cliche aspect of it being a Hallmark romance and so features a lot of good nature. But to put it simply Hallmark makes movies for fans of Hallmark movies and they succeed in doing so with "A Majestic Christmas" being a success.

Christian Vincent in A Majestic Christmas (2018)

But whilst I would be pushing it to say that "A Majestic Christmas" is a memorable or in anyways a deep movie it does deliver a small bit of a lesson. When Connor first meets Nell he is quick to jump to a conclusion as to what she is doing with her hand in a street Santa’s collection pot. And later on in the movie he is again quick to make a judgement when he doesn't know all the facts. And so whilst for the most "A Majestic Christmas" is just a pleasant Hallmark Christmas movie it does try to teach us to not make judgements or jump to conclusions.

What this all boils down to is that for fans of Hallmark Christmas movies "A Majestic Christmas" is a typical and typically enjoyable offering from them. But like so many of these Hallmark Christmas movies it isn't one which is going to stay in your memory.

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