A Lover's Revenge (2005) Alexandra Paul, William R. Moses, Gary Hudson, Sonya Salomaa, Sophie Gendron, Cary Lawrence, Millie Tresierra, Gabrielle Carteris Movie Review

A Lover's Revenge (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

William R. Moses in A Lover's Revenge (2005)

Another Psychopath Husband, Another Case of Revenge

Dr. Liz Manners (Alexandra Paul - Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534) is a psychologist working for a radio station, giving advice to her listeners and callers when it comes to relationships. One of those callers is Sarah Jane (Sophie Gendron) who feels controlled by her husband, Kyle (William R. Moses - Christmas Child), and Liz tells Sarah that she must leave him. It is following yet another confrontation with her husband that Sarah runs only to end up killed when hit by a passing car. Determined to make Liz pay, Kyle poses as an investor, who she meets via her husband, Rob (Gary Hudson - Crash Point Zero). Meanwhile Liz is already dealing with some marital issues of his own as she begins to wonder whether Rob is cheating on her.

These days' movies like "A Lover's Revenge" bore me, plain and simple. The thing is that it isn't because they are made for TV movies as I can ignore some bad acting, lack of character depth, bad dialogue and a style lacking in flare. Nope the issue I have with "A Lover's Revenge" is that this is one of those movies where it tells you too much way too soon. As such we know on one hand Kyle is a complete and utter psychopath who not only is violent but is cunningly planning to get revenge by destroying Liz's life. At the same time we also learn that her husband Rob is not only a liar and a cheat but he has insecurity issues due to feeling a failure around his wife. Yes this is a two part story which builds to detectives being called in to investigate a murder but none of it is out of the ordinary.

Alexandra Paul in A Lover's Revenge (2005)

It is because "A Lover's Revenge" doesn't keep anything back it ends up becoming all about the actors and thankfully this movie features William R. Moses. Basically with out Moses' entertaining and unsettling performance of a nice guy with a deep dark side, and a creative nastiness when it comes to his campaign of revenge, it would have ended up weak from start to finish. Sadly the characters elsewhere end up pretty routine and at times forgettable despite having the likes of Alexandra Paul, Gabrielle Carteris and Gary Hudson in the cast.

What this all boils down to is that "A Lover's Revenge" ends up another one of those TV movies which tells you too much way too soon. If it wasn't for the strong performance of William R. Moses it would have ended up even less entertaining than it is. Although it is a little amusing to think that back in 1989 Alexandra Paul played William R. Moses' girlfriend in three Perry Mason TV movies.