A Husband for Christmas (2016) Vivica A. Fox, Ricco Ross, Eric Roberts, Dominique Swain, Jacke Harry Movie Review

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Ricco Ross and Vivica A. Fox in A Husband for Christmas (2016)

A Christmas Merger

Brooke Harris (Vivica A. Fox - Annie Claus is Coming to Town) knows that the company she works for is about to merge and as a graphic designer she fears for her job especially when she meets Roger Burke (Ricco Ross), her rival at the other company they are merging with. But Brooke finds herself with a very unusual proposal when her boss, Mr. Rawlings (Eric Roberts - Santa's Boot Camp), offers her a promotion on the proviso she marries Roger so that the company can bypass the difficulties in getting Roger a visa. But much to Brooke and Roger's surprise their marriage of convenience brings some real feelings as they start to fall for each other despite Roger already having a girlfriend.

It is December 2016 and I have reviewed more Christmas movies than most people would watch in the space of an entire year. And sadly it now feels like I have gone around the Christmas movie block more than once as "A Husband for Christmas" is the third fake relationship movie I have watched and reviewed. Now this certainly takes things a step further than your usual fake relationship set up as we have some marriage fraud going on in order for one person to avoid immigration red tape and the other to get a major promotion. Unfortunately it makes "A Husband for Christmas" not only more obvious than usual but cornier than ever and too ridiculous even for a Christmas romantic comedy.

Dominique Swain in A Husband for Christmas (2016)

But of course there is one major issue in "A Husband for Christmas", and I am not just on about Roger's accent because as a Brit I have never met another Brit who talks like that. Nope I am on about this being one of those movies which you know how it will end before it starts and so it needs to really be fun to get and keep your attention. But much of the humour in "A Husband for Christmas" is pretty weak as well as familiar and with this being set in I presume California it doesn't even feel like a Christmas movie with the lack of snow.

What this all boils down to is that sadly "A Husband for Christmas" takes an already over used idea and tries to make it fresh but does so in a ridiculous manner which basically does nothing to distract you from this movie's obvious nature.

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