A Christmas Wedding Tail (2011) Jay Mohr, Jennie Garth, Nikki Cox, Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold, Catherine Hicks Movie Review

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A Christmas Wedding Tail (2011)

Wedding Woes

When Susan (Jennie Garth) took her dog Rusty for a walk in the local dog park they met Jake (Brad Rowe) and his dog Cheri. Whilst Rusty takes a shine to Cheri Jake takes a shine to Susan who has just moved to the area to help out with her mum's struggling antique store. But whilst Susan and Jake start to date things become complicated by the fact that both Susan and Jake have children from previous relationships. Unfortunately whilst Susan and Jake's relationship progresses some of their children are not to sure on the thought of their parents marrying. On top of that Susan gets a job offer back in the city and as she had moved to town on a temporary basis finds herself wanting not only to take the job but wants Jake and the family to go with her.

Let's see to start with we have a bit of Doris Day's "With Six You Get Eggroll" as we have two single grown ups falling in love but having children to deal with. On top of that we have a Hallmark style story as we have a woman from the city who finds romance in a small town but then gets the offer of a job back in the city. Oh and just for good measure we also get the fact they have dogs and we not only get their inner thoughts but the dogs trying to smooth things over when problems occur. Yes that means that "A Christmas Wedding Tail" is a triple feature of cliches which makes it highly predictable.

But what "A Christmas Wedding Tail" is also is a Christmas movie made for a younger audience rather than a grown up one and as such lacks the attention to detail which in turn makes some scenes come across as incredibly cheesy. So from playing football in the park to the Thanksgiving meal it just feels like padding scenes which have been rushed. Basically there are times that "A Christmas Wedding Tail" feels like it has been made on the cheap and as such there are a lot of static close up camera shots which at times makes you wonder whether the actors were actually doing the scene together or just doing their parts in front of the camera.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Wedding Tail" may entertain a young audience who enjoy dog movies and Christmas movies but for any grown up who watches this might find it all a bit corny, predictable and too stupid.

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