A Christmas Too Many (2007) Mickey Rooney, Ruta Lee, Andrew Keegan, Sam McMurray, Marla Maples, Clint Howard Movie Review

A Christmas Too Many (2007)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Mickey Rooney in A Christmas Too Many (2007)

A Terrible Christmas

Hollywood legend Lana Myers (Ruta Lee) decides everyone is going to come to hers for Christmas. But will the entire family be able to spend that much time together as between steroid popping jocks, gerbil hunting fathers, scared boyfriends, vegetarian sons and much more including a son who thinks he is a goodfella it is utter chaos.

Well I know one thing have watched "A Christmas Too Many", I will never watch this movie again and there are very few movies I have ever said that about. The thing is that "A Christmas Too Many" isn't offensive like some movies which I have vowed to never watch again but it is just bad in an incredibly forced, everything thrown into the mixing bowl kind of way. From gun totting fathers, vegetarian sons and a boyfriend who chops his finger off whilst chopping carrots it is just ridiculous. Oh and I didn't mention when Lana asks her grand daughter how well hung her boyfriend is. I could carry on because all we get is one forced moment of comedy after another which is only loosely related through the set up of a family reunion.

I think the most upsetting thing is seeing Mickey Rooney in such a bad movie and you know it is bad when even Rooney can't make a single line work. But it gets worse as there is Clint Howard who camps it up, Gary Coleman as a pizza delivery guy and jokes recycled from "Weekend at Bernies".

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Too Many" is a terrible movie, a friggin' dumb, terrible movie which has no festive spirit about it, no decent jokes and frankly some actors who look embarrassed for starring it.

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