The Sand (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Sand (2015)

Don't go onto the Sand

It's the morning after the night before when a group of graduating students hit the beach for a massive party and as they wake up they find themselves scattered about; some are in the lifeguard tower, others are sleeping on benches and some are in a car. But they soon discover that they are trapped as anything which a pulse which touches the sand gets painfully digested by it.

I reckon out of the thousands of movies that I have watched and reviewed some which in truth are poor have been saved by some nifty ideas. Whilst the nifty ideas in "The Sand" don't save it they at least make it watchable. Take the party, one of the guys gets everyone to put their phones in the trunk of his car so that no one makes a drunk call or sends a drunk text which of course leaves them unable to reach them to call for help.

The trouble is that "The Sand" ends up coming across as a movie which had limited funds and used them for some set piece scenes such as when one of them unknowing steps on the sand and we get to see his face being eaten off. In between those effect driven scenes what you have left with is actors stuck where they are doing a lot of moaning and bitching and whilst the acting isn't the worst I have come across neither is it the best.

What this all boils down to is that "The Sand" ends up one of those horror movies which has some half decent ideas but not enough to string them together into a decent movie.