2012: Ice Age (2011) Patrick Labyorteaux, Julie McCullough, Katie Wilson, Nick Afanasiev, Kyle Morris, Cedric Scott, Chacko Vadaketh, Ted Monte Movie Review

2012: Ice Age (2011)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Patrick Labyorteaux in 2012: Ice Age (2011)

2012: 24 Hours After Tomorrow

Whilst dropping off his daughter, Julia (Katie Wilson), at the airport, so she can return to New York for college, Bill Hart (Patrick Labyorteaux - The Stranger Beside Me) and his son, Nelson (Nick Afanasiev), are trying to communicate with one of his research colleagues in Iceland. But a series of volcanic eruptions has led to the fracturing away of a giant glacier which begins hurtling towards the United States at over 200 miles an hour, not only demolishing all in its wake but causing freak weather to hit America. Having picked up his wife, Teri (Julie McCullough - Intrepid), they try to make it to Julia's dorm through the array of extreme weather, including huge chunks of ice which are shaved off of the glacier.

"2012: Ice Age" was exactly what I expected and the only surprise was that it wasn't called "2012: 24 Hours After Tomorrow" as stating the obvious this is little more than a rip-off of "The Day After Tomorrow". But as I said "2012: Ice Age" is what I expected having watched plenty of these disaster movies which have been produced through The Asylum production company and so knew the acting would be as weak as the characters but not as weak as the special effects whilst the storyline ripped-off ideas from other disaster movies. I guess if you have never seen one of these low budget disaster movies or think every movie should be "Citizen Kane" you might end up angry at how bad it is but for many that is the appeal of this sort of movie, the enjoyment of ridiculing it.

So in reality "2012: Ice Age" doesn't need much explaining because as I keep on saying it is a rip-off but some of the bad stuff is worth mentioning as that is what makes you smile. From supposedly icy storm clouds filling the sky when amusingly the people on the streets below are doing their day to day stuff oblivious to the darkness which is over them to the stunt ramp hidden behind a car for another to drive up and flip over. In truth all which is bad about "2012: Ice Age" is as cliche as all the stuff which has been ripped off from other disaster movies, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of the scenes of disaster had been used in other low budget disaster movies as they are extremely familiar.

What this all boils down to is that "2012: Ice Age" is a bad movie even by The Asylum standards but then like all of these disaster movies they are entertaining for being bad and this is really bad.