Movie Trailer for Movie Review - Working Miracles (2010) (aka: Healing Hands) Eddie Cibrian, Patrick Duffy, Lisa Sheridan, Meagen Fay Movie Review

Working Miracles (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Working Miracles

Buddy Hoyt (Eddie Cibrian) maybe struggling to grow plants in his garden but the rest of his life isn't bad, he's just got engaged to Alice (Lisa Sheridan) and is hopeful he will get a promotion to supervisor where he works. But that all changes when he has a fall from a roof and nearly dies only to recover to find he has gained the gift of healing hands. Whilst Buddy wants to use his healing powers for good it soon makes him a curiosity as people want him to heal them whilst others call him a freak and the press are just as interested in proving him a fraud. And to add to his problems every time he heals it zaps him off his strength making him weaker and weaker. ... Read Review