Movie Trailer for True Colors (1991) starring John Cusack, James Spader, Imogen Stubbs, Mandy Patinkin, Richard Widmark, Dina Merrill, Philip Bosco, Paul Guilfoyle directed by Herbert Ross Movie Review

True Colors (1991)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for True Colors

Peter Burton (John Cusack - Say Anything...) is a driven young man, coming from a working class background he is desperate to escape his past and make it no matter at what cost. On the first day of law school he meets Tim Gerrity (James Spader - White Palace) who represents everything what Peter wants except Tim is by no means as driven for success as he is. Despite this they become close friends as both push on in their careers but Peter's drive and win at all costs forces Tim to constantly bend his morals. ... Read Review