Movie Trailer for Trial by Fire (2008) starring Brooke Burns, Rick Ravanello, Winston Rekert, Wanda Cannon, Erin Karpluk, Robert Moloney, William MacDonald, Aaron Pearl directed by John Terlesky Movie Review

Trial by Fire (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Trial by Fire

On the day of his retirement from Rawlings Fire Service Hank Scott (Winston Rekert) decides to go in to one more burning building with his daughter Kristin (Brooke Burns - Time and Again), who is part of his team. But when Hank dies Kristin's colleagues and sister Chelsea (Erin Karpluk) blame her for his death as he stayed on for an extra year just to work with Kristin. Unable to deal with the resentment Kristin quits Rawlings and sets about proving herself in the demanding and rugged world of the Smokejumpers, a male dominated world full of sexism. ... Read Review