Movie Trailer for The Wrong Woman (2013) Danica McKellar, Carter MacIntyre, Jonathan Bennett, Dina Meyer Movie Review

The Wrong Woman (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for The Wrong Woman

Dental assistant and mother of one, Ellen Plainview (Danica McKellar - Search for Justice) has been secretly taking pole dancing lessons as her marriage to her husband, Mike (Carter MacIntyre), has grown a bit stale, especially as he works weird hours as a cop. But the secret lessons causes an issue when two detectives knock at her door and take her in for questioning as there was an attempted murder in the parking lot where she parked her car and she is now the main suspect. Confused and scared, Ellen not only finds herself thrown into prison but no one comes to bail her out. What Ellen doesn't know is that not only had Mike been having an affair with the victim behind her back but he has now cleared off with their daughter, poisoning her mind against her mum, leaving Ellen to get tough and save herself from the mess she is in. ... Read Review