Movie Trailer for The Shootist (1976) starring John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, James Stewart, Richard Boone, Hugh OBrian, Bill McKinney, Harry Morgan, John Carradine, Scatman Crothers directed by Don Siegel Movie Review

The Shootist (1976)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Shootist

When legendary gunfighter J.B. Brooks (John Wayne - Rooster Cogburn) learns from Dr. E.W. Hostetler (James Stewart - Fools' Parade) that he has not long to live due to a cancer, he takes up residence in Carson City renting a room at Mrs. Rogers' (Lauren Bacall - Written on the Wind) boarding house where her young son Gillom (Ron Howard) idolizes him. He hopes to live out his last few days in peace but his presence in Carson City causes a stir and when he comes to understand that he can expect a painful, undignified death due to the cancer he decides to go out doing what he knows best, gun fighting. ... Read Review