Movie Trailer for The Liars' Club (1993) starring Wil Wheaton, Brian Krause, Michael Cudlitz, Soleil Moon Frye, Jennifer Burns, Aron Eisenberg, Shevonne Durkin directed by Jeffrey Porter Movie Review

The Liars' Club (1993)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for The Liars' Club

After cheating their way through their final test a group of friends head off to a graduation party. Whilst there Pat (Brian Krause - Return to the Blue Lagoon) behind his girlfriend's back starts dancing with the attractive Marla (Shevonne Durkin) and soon after follows her behind the house and rapes her. With Pat saying she never said no the friends stick by him and try to keep what he did from his girlfriend. But when Marla decides to go to the police things take a deadly spiral when one of the group in their attempts to silence her accidentally murders her. The group promises to keep quiet about everything but the web of lies they spin gets harder and harder to keep especially when one of them has started to talk. ... Read Review