Movie Trailer for The Last Detail (1973) starring Jack Nicholson, Otis Young, Randy Quaid, Clifton James, Carol Kane directed by Hal Ashby Movie Review

The Last Detail (1973)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for The Last Detail

"Bad-Ass" Buddusky (Jack Nicholson - Easy Rider) and "Mule" Mulhall (Otis Young), two Navy lifers, are ordered to escort young thief Meadows (Randy Quaid - Paper Moon) to Portsmouth military prison and they have a week to do it in. To their surprise they discover that Meadows has been sentenced to 8 years for the attempted theft of $40, attempted because he never managed to steal the money anyway. Realising this weak, wet behind the ears 18 year old is going to suffer Bad-Ass and Mule attempt to toughen him up whilst also giving his a send off with a variety of experiences from his first drink to losing his virginity before they finally get him to his destination. ... Read Review