Movie Trailer for The Kentuckian (1955) starring Burt Lancaster, Dianne Foster, Diana Lynn, John McIntire, Una Merkel, John Carradine, Walter Matthau, Donald MacDonald directed by Burt Lancaster Movie Review

The Kentuckian (1955)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Kentuckian

"The Kentuckian" has a very simple story about Elias Wakefield (Burt Lancaster - Field of Dreams) and son Eli (Donald MacDonald) living the dream and making their way to Texas where the air is clean and the Buffalo roam. Along the way they have a run in with the crooked law and help free Hannah (Dianne Foster - Night Passage), a woman who is basically a slave to an abusive saloon owner. But when they reach Elias's brother Zach (John McIntire - The Far Country) and look to do some work to pay for a steam boat ticket to Texas things change. Zach thinks Elias should settle down, become a businessman, marry the socially acceptable school mistress Susie (Diana Lynn) and send young Eli to school. ... Read Review