Movie Trailer for The In-Laws (2003) starring Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Robin Tunney, Lindsay Sloane, Maria Ricossa, Ryan Reynolds directed by Andrew Fleming Movie Review

The In-Laws (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The In-Laws

With his son Mark (Ryan Reynolds) about to marry Melissa (Lindsay Sloane) Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas - It Runs in the Family) is yet to meet the impending in-laws. He has an excuse as whilst everyone things he is a copier salesman Steve is actually an undercover CIA Agent in the middle of trying to recapture a nuclear submarine. When Steve eventually meets Melissa's parents things don't go down well as her risk averse father Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks - I'll Do Anything) does not like Steve's cavalier attitude. And things get worse when Jerry ends up drawn into Steve's messy life when he is mistaken as a contact and taken to France to meet a dealer. ... Read Review