Movie Trailer for The Dog Who Saved the Holidays (2012) Joey Lawrence, Peyton List, Gary Valentine, Elisa Donovan Movie Review

The Dog Who Saved the Holidays (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Dog Who Saved the Holidays

The Bannisters are going to California for Christmas to spend it with Aunt Barbara (Shelley Long) who is currently in a battle with neighbour Ned (Michael Gross) over who has the best Christmas decorations. But things are a bit uneasy for the Bannisters as Belinda (Elisa Donovan) is pregnant and is beginning to suspect that George (Gary Valentine) has another woman as he is acting suspicious. Things are not good for Zeus, the family dog, either as Aunt Barbara has given them a puppy, Eve, for Christmas who keeps on getting him in to trouble. But it isn't just the Bannisters who are in California as burglars Stewey (Joey Diaz) and Ted (Dean Cain) have set up a mobile dog grooming business except they owe a local loan shark a lot of money and now have to steal a diamond covered Christmas tree decoration which happens to be in Barbara's house. ... Read Review

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