Movie Trailer for The Case of Charles Peace (1949) starring Michael Martin Harvey, Chili Bouchier, Valentine Dyall, Bruce Belfrage, Ronald Adam, Roberta Huby directed by Norman Lee Movie Review

The Case of Charles Peace (1949)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Case of Charles Peace

At the Hendon police academy Sir Clement Barnes KC (Valentine Dyall) lectures the trainees on the case of Charles Peace (Michael Martin Harvey) an infamous thief and murderer from the Victorian era. Peace's 2nd trial in February 1876 drew an audience from all around the country as he pleads not guilty to murder. But as the case unravels so does the life of Charles Peace as this amiable businessman by day is shown to be a vile criminal by night, a thief willing to commit murder to pull off the crime and a man obsessed with another mans wife. ... Read Review