The Best of Times (1986)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Best of Times

The year is 1972 and after years of misery for the people of Tuft they are on the verge of having something to celebrate as the Football team are on the verge of beating arch rivals Bakersfield for the first time, that is until Jack Dundee (Robin Williams - Night at the Museum 2) fumbles the catch and once again they lose. Now 13 years later and Jack is still haunted by that night, regularly re-watching the home movie of the game in some form of punishment. But when someone suggests that to get over the past he should stage the game again he coerces his friend Reno (Kurt Russell - Escape from New York) and tricks the rest of the team to reform to take on the might of the Bakersfield squad who unlike Jack and his over weight friends are still in great shape. ... Read Review