Movie Trailer for Surviving Christmas (2004) Ben Affleck, James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate, Catherine O'Hara, Josh Zuckerman Movie Review

Surviving Christmas (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Surviving Christmas

Drew Latham (Ben Affleck - Jersey Girl) is rich, he is a top advertising exec with a swanky home and can have almost all he desires, except it looks like he is going to be alone for Christmas. Desperate he drives to the home he grew up in and offers the Valco family a small fortune if they let him spend Christmas with them and make it feel like a proper family Christmas. Unfortunately in his desperate need to have things exactly how he imagines he causes plenty of issues for the Valco's who's marriage is already on the rocks and when their daughter Alicia (Christina Applegate - Anchorman) returns home not only does it ruin his plans but she seems to be the only sane one who can see how stupid it all is. ... Read Review

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