Movie Trailer for Stolen Daughter (2015) Andrea Roth, Nicole Muoz, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Steve Bacic, Sarah Dugdale, Rachel Hayward Movie Review

Stolen Daughter (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Stolen Daughter

When a case she was working on went wrong, Det. Stacey Wilkins (Andrea Roth - Committed), of the abduction squad, is signed off from work due to PTSD whilst a hot shot detective takes her place. But after returning to work against the wishes of her boyfriend, Jack (Steve Bacic - Undergrad Nightmare), their daughter, Sarah (Sarah Dugdale), is abducted by Martha Dixel (Rachel Hayward - Driven Underground) who has been released after serving only 4 years of a sentence for cold bloodedly running down the person who killed her family. Now Stacey is going to get her daughter back even if she has to deal with the new cocky detective who is trying to score points off of her and get her thrown out of the force for being unstable. ... Read Review