Movie Trailer for SoulBoy (2010) starring Martin Compston, Felicity Jones, Alfie Allen, Nichola Burley, Craig Parkinson, Brian McCardie, Jo Hartley, Pat Shortt directed by Shimmy Marcus Movie Review

SoulBoy (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for SoulBoy

Young Joe McCain (Martin Compston) is a man without purpose, he floats through life working as a delivery boy with Brendan (Pat Shortt) and then going to the local club "The Purple Onion" with his friend Russ (Alfie Allen). When one day Joe spots the sexy Jane (Nichola Burley) in the street he follows her and discovers she is a fan of Northern Soul, travelling at weekends to the Wigan Casino. It is Joe's introduction to Northern Soul as he desperately tries to attract Jane but he is so blinkered by Jane he is unable to see that his friend Mandy (Felicity Jones) is in love with him. ... Read Review