Movie Trailer for Snowman's Pass (2004) starring Nicole Eggert, Marc Singer, George Stults, Mike Dopud, Bruce Dawson, Garvin Cross, Joe MacLeod directed by Rex Piano Movie Review

Snowman's Pass (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Snowman's Pass

A couple of years after witnessing her fiancee plunge to his death mountain guide Diana (Nicole Eggert) is still traumatised by the experience and has stopped climbing Snowmans Pass where it happened despite his body never being recovered. But then she is approached by Curt Seavers (Marc Singer) who wants to test out a new tracking software and is prepared to use it to track down her fiancees body Diana agrees to return to the Pass. But Curt has other reasons to be there and that is a spy satellite which feel to earth a few weeks earlier. ... Read Review