Movie Trailer for Small Soldiers (1998) starring Gregory Smith, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Dunn, Phil Hartman, Dick Miller, Tommy Lee Jones, Frank Langella directed by Joe Dante Movie Review

Small Soldiers (1998)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Small Soldiers

When Globotech takes over a toy company, an employee desperate to please his new CEO accidentally orders some defective military chips to put into a series of brand new toys which will have the ability to learn. The toys are The Commando Elite and The Gorgonites which 15 year old Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith), the son of a toy shop owner, manages to get his hands on before they are officially released. But Alan and his neighbour Christy Fimple (Kirsten Dunst - Wag the Dog) find themselves in a middle of a war when the toys have a life of their own and The Commando Elite go hell bent for leather to destroy The Gorgonites and anyone who helps their sworn enemies. ... Read Review