Movie Trailer for Sister Act (1992) starring Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkena, Mary Wickes, Harvey Keitel, Bill Nunn, Ellen Albertini Dow directed by Emile Ardolino Movie Review

Sister Act (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Sister Act

Reno lounge singer Deloris Van Carter (Whoopi Goldberg - Ghost) finds herself in deep water when she witnesses her boyfriend, underworld crime boss Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel), commit murder. Having gone to the police, Lt. Eddie Souther (Bill Nunn) decides to hide Doloris for her own safety till she can testify in court and where better to hide a brash lounge singer than in a convent masquerading as a nun. But a life of discipline under Mother Superior's watchful gave (Maggie Smith - Hook), even for just a few days, is too much for Deloris and after leading a couple of her fellow nuns astray in a bar finds herself being assigned to the choir. Well singing is one thing Deloris knows about and she soon whips the choir into shape doing her job a little too well as the choir and the convent becomes big news and LaRocca learns of Deloris's whereabouts. ... Read Review