Movie Trailer for Seventeen and Missing (2007) Dedee Pfeiffer, Matthew Harrison, Tegan Moss, Terry David Mulligan, Victor Ayala, Brett Dier, Natasha Peck, Jared Keeso Movie Review

Seventeen and Missing (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Seventeen and Missing

Emilie Janzen (Dedee Pfeiffer) always gets these feelings, she can spot when someone isn't telling the whole truth and it comes into good use whilst vetting parents at the Harrison Adoption Agency. But she finds her talents go further than that as when her daughter Lori (Tegan Moss) doesn't return home from a party she gets visions when she touches anything and anyone connected to her daughter's disappearance. With each vision painting more of a picture of what happened Emile and her estranged husband Richard (Matthew Harrison) race against time to try and find Lori before it is too late. ... Read Review