Movie Trailer for Run of the Arrow (1957) starring Rod Steiger, Sara Montiel, Brian Keith, Ralph Meeker, Jay C. Flippen, Charles Bronson, H.M. Wynant, Neyle Morrow directed by Samuel Fuller Movie Review

Run of the Arrow (1957)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Run of the Arrow

Refusing to accept that the Union have won the War, Confederate rebel Pvt. O'Meara (Rod Steiger - Oklahoma!) turns his back on his family in Virginia and heads west where he meets Indian Scout Walking Coyote (Jay C. Flippen) who teaches him the ways of the Sioux. A run in with Crazy Wolf (H.M. Wynant) leads to O'Meara beating the Run of the Arrow and being accepted by Blue Buffalo (Charles Bronson) as one of their own and allowed to take Yellow Moccasin (Sara Montiel) as a wife. But when a Cavalry man full of hatred breaks a peace deal and causes the Sioux to go to war to protect their land O'Meara finds himself caught in the middle with his loyalty put to the test. ... Read Review