Movie Trailer for Ring of Bright Water (1969) starring Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna, Mij, Peter Jeffrey, Jameson Clark, Helena Gloag directed by Jack Couffer Movie Review

Ring of Bright Water (1969)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Ring of Bright Water

Restless of his life in London, aspiring writer Graham Merrill (Bill Travers - Born Free) finds himself buying an Otter he sees in a pet shop window. But London or his little flat is no place to bring up an Otter so Graham and Mij, as he calls his new friend, move to a remote corner of Scotland and an old wreck of a cottage which needs plenty of work. Together they soon settle in to their new life with local Doctor Mary McKenzie (Virginia McKenna - A Town Like Alice) joining them after Graham makes friends with her. But their new life in Scotland isn't all easy going as Graham discovers that having an otter as a best friend is a big distraction from writing the book he always planned to do. ... Read Review