Movie Trailer for Reluctant Witness (2015) Mia Kirshner, Paul McGillion, James Kirk, Madeleine Arthur - Monika Mitchell Movie Review

Reluctant Witness (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Reluctant Witness

Erin (Mia Kirshner - Kiss at Pine Lake) use to becalled Melissa but that was 10 years ago when she used to be gangster Jimmy Collins' girl. That was before she went to the FBI and helped them in return for being put in the witness protection programme. After Jimmy was reportedly killed Erin got on with her life and got married to Levon Villenueve (Bruce Ramsay - Brick Mansions). But then when Levon's sister shows up with this guy called Warren Cooper (Paul McGillion - All of My Heart) it unsettles Erin as he reminds her of Jimmy, causing her to get in touch with Agent Troy Rolands (John Cassini - The Grim Sleeper) as she fears Jimmy never died and now he is back and is not only after her but also their daughter Becky (Madeleine Arthur). ... Read Review