Movie Trailer for Pregnancy Pact (2010) starring Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty, David Clayton Rogers, Max Ehrich, James McCaffrey, Nancy Travis, Michelle DeFraites, Jenna Leigh Hall, Kelly Heyer, Tim Powell directed by Rosemary Rodriguez Movie Review

Pregnancy Pact (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Pregnancy Pact

After video blogger Sidney Bloom (Thora Birch - American Beauty) learns of a spike in teen pregnancies at her old high school in Gloucester, Massachusetts she decides to head back to investigate, stirring up her own memories of her difficult time at high school. Once there she soon discovers that in amongst the genuine accidental teen pregnancies are a group of girls who naively promised each other to get pregnant at the same time. But she also discovers that their parents would rather blinker themselves from the truth and oppose proper sex education than tackle it. ... Read Review