Movie Trailer for Outlaw (2007) starring Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Lennie James, Sean Harris, Rupert Friend, Bob Hoskins directed by Nick Love Movie Review

Outlaw (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Outlaw

Having returned from serving his country abroad former soldier Danny Bryant (Sean Bean - National Treasure) returns to find not only his wife shacked up with another man but a country where the good get screwed and the bad guys get away with murder. He is not the only one who is feeling sick at what Britain has become as he introduced to Gene Dekker (Danny Dyer - Severance) and Cedric Munroe (Lennie James) both victims of violence and a judicial system which doesn't care. Together with a couple of friends they form a group of Outlaws who set about getting revenge on those who have done them wrong and standing up to the vermin which are corrupting the streets. ... Read Review