Movie Trailer for November Christmas (2010) Sam Elliott, John Corbett, Sarah Paulson, Karen Allen Movie Review

November Christmas (2010)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for November Christmas

Tom Marks (John Corbett) and his wife Beth (Sarah Paulson) are concerned that their sick daughter Vanessa (Emily Alyn Lind) may not have long left to live due to battling cancer which leads to Tom visiting his neighbour, farmer Jess Sanford (Sam Elliott) to ask about Pumpkins and Christmas trees despite it being too early. Realising that Tom is trying to give his daughter the holidays early because of her illness he pays a visit to another farmer who he had fallen out with to get some pumpkins, in doing so mending old bridges. Jess also speaks to Tammy (Elizabeth McLaughlin) a waitress and aspiring author at the town cafe who not only arranges for some food but also the town's children to come up to the Marks' place to celebrate an early Halloween and then a little while later Christmas. ... Read Review

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