Movie Trailer for Next Stop Murder (2010) Brigid Brannagh, Allison Lange, Brian Krause, Rosa Blasi Movie Review

Next Stop Murder (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Next Stop Murder

Law student Molly (Brigid Brannagh - Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door) has problems, mainly Heather (Rosa Blasi) the ex-wife of husband Jeff (Brian Krause) who is not fit to be a mother and is doing her best to stop Molly from legally adopting her daughter. Whilst travelling by bus Molly meets Sophie (Allison Lange), a spoilt brat who not only blames her father for her mother's death but is fuming as he is curtailing her spending. When Sophie suggests that she will get rid of Heather if Molly gets rid of her father Molly won't have anything to do with it, that is until Heather turns up dead and Sophie starts threatening to incriminate Molly in her murder. ... Read Review