Movie Trailer for Monte Walsh (2003) starring Tom Selleck, Isabella Rossellini, Keith Carradine, George Eads, Robert Carradine, Barry Corbin, James Gammon, John Michael Higgins, William Devane directed by Simon Wincer Movie Review

Monte Walsh (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh (Tom Selleck - The Love Letter) and Chet Rollins (Keith Carradine - Andre) have been cowboys all their life, living life job to job working at various ranches with their only possessions being a gun and a saddle. But as the 20th century approaches times are changing with ranchers struggling to keep things going and big businesses buying out those who can't keep on going. It's not just those who run the ranches which are changing as the open range is being fenced off and trains are becoming a way of life. All of which makes Monte question whether he has a future as a cowboy especially when his friend Chet settles down and finds work in a hardware store. But when his friend Shorty (George Eads) is let go from his job and finds himself not only becoming a cattle rustler but also a killer Monte must use all his skills as a cowboy to go after the young man. ... Read Review