Movie Trailer for Meteor Storm (2010) Michael Trucco, Kari Matchett, Kirsten Prout, Brett Dier, Eric Johnson Movie Review

Meteor Storm (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for Meteor Storm

As the people of San Francisco prepare to watch a once in the life time meteor shower in the night sky things take a turn for the worse as it turns into a meteor storm with them plummeting down into the Bay area causing death, destruction and mayhem. With the military scrambling to try and deal with the escalating situation astronomer Michelle Young (Kari Matchett - The National Tree) and her estranged husband Tom (Michael Trucco - Perfect Romance), part of the Bay's disaster management team, are drawn in to help try and evacuate the Bay area whilst working out what is going on. But Tom and Michelle have their own worries as their children and Michelle's sister are in the Bay area somewhere. ... Read Review