Movie Trailer for Men of Honour (2000) starring Robert De Niro, Cuba Gooding Jr., Charlize Theron, Aunjanue Ellis, Hal Holbrook, Michael Rapaport, Powers Boothe, David Keith directed by George Tillman Jr. Movie Review

Men of Honour (2000)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Men of Honour

Having worked the same fields as his father Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr. - Instinct) joins the Navy on the promise of great things only to end up working as a cook in the galley of the USS Hoist. But his determination to succeed lifts him from the galley and eventually to the US Navy's Diver Training academy where being the only African American at the base he is confronted by racism, especially from Master Chief Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro - Wag the Dog) who is determined to stop Carl from qualifying as a diver. But despite numerous obstacles in his way Carl passes out and becomes a diver but all that he has worked for appears to be ripped away when he suffers a freak accident which looks set to end his days as a diver and stop him from achieving his dream of becoming a Master Diver. ... Read Review