Movie Trailer for Masquerade (1988) starring Rob Lowe, Meg Tilly, Kim Cattrall, Doug Savant, John Glover, Dana Delany directed by Bob Swaim Movie Review

Masquerade (1988)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Masquerade

Olivia Lawrence (Meg Tilly - The Big Chill) is the heir to a $200 million fortune following her mother's death just a couple of months earlier but she also has to deal with her late mother's last husband Tony Gateworth (John Glover) who she detests. But having moved back to the Hampton residence, where Tony happens to be staying, Olivia meets and falls for handsome yachtsman Tim Whalen (Rob Lowe - About Last Night) who had been having an affair with his boss's wife Brooke Morrison (Kim Cattrall). But whilst Olivia falls for Tim it is plain to see he is not being totally truthful with her and when an incident sees the police start investigating Olivia is grateful to her old friend Mike (Doug Savant), now a cop, who seems to turn a blind eye to some obvious evidence. ... Read Review