Movie Trailer for Love Lives On (1985) Mary Stuart Masterson, Sam Waterston, Christine Lahti, Lauren Holly Movie Review

Love Lives On (1985)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Love Lives On

In some ways her father wasn't surprised when he found Susan (Mary Stuart Masterson - Black and Blue) and her friend out of it on the floor having popped pills which she had stolen from her cancer ridden grandfather as he once was an alcoholic. It is why that her mum and dad force Susan into rehab which after an incident in a lake and a visit to hospital it is discovered that Susan has cancer and will need to start treatment immediately. After the drama of losing her hair Susan meets Brian (Ricky Paull Goldin) and they fall deeply in love with Susan becoming pregnant. But that leads to a huge decision as Susan requires regular treatment for her cancer which would affect the baby. ... Read Review