Movie Trailer for Life is Beautiful (1997) (La Vita bella) starring Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini, Giustino Durano, Lidia Alfonsi, Sergio Bini Bustric, Giuliana Lojodice, Amerigo Fontani directed by Roberto Benigni Movie Review

Life is Beautiful (1997)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Life is Beautiful

It's the late 1930s and Guido (Roberto Benigni), an easy going Jew, arrives in the Tuscan town of Arezzo, where he dreams of opening a book store. Too finance his dream he gains temporary work as a waiter at a local hotel. Whilst working towards his dream, he meets Dora (Nicoletta Braschi), a local school teacher who is engaged to a local Fascist official. This doesn't stop him from wooing her with his romantic gestures and humour. Finally winning her affections, they get married and have a son called Giosu (Giorgio Cantarini). Several years on, and the family are sent to a German-run Concentration Camp where Dora is separated from Guido and their son. Too try and make the harsh surroundings more bearable, Guido convinces his son that they are part of a huge game, where you win points for behaving and doing as you are told, with the winner getting a tank. ... Read Review