Movie Trailer for Hush (2008) starring William Ash, Christine Bottomley, Andreas Wisniewski, Claire Keelan, Stuart McQuarrie directed by Mark Tonderai Movie Review

Hush (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Hush

Things are not going smoothly between Zake (William Ash) and his girlfriend Beth (Christine Bottomley) and whilst they drive from one motorway service station for his job, putting posters up, they argue and row. But their night takes a surprising turn when Zake believes he saw a naked woman in a cage in the back of a truck as it swerved to avoid hitting him. And when Beth disappears at a service station he believes that who ever is driving the truck has kidnapped her. Putting his life at risk he desperately follows the truck and in his wake leaving a trail of destruction with the police after him when a murdered body is found and the truck driver trying to lose him. ... Read Review