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Hope and Glory (1987)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Hope and Glory

"Hope and Glory" basically gives us this snapshot of WWII through the eyes of young Bill Rowan (Sebastian Rice-Edwards) who is a nine year-old boy as Britain goes to war with Germany, the first of many authentic and moving scenes as we witness the world stop as the announcement is broadcast over the radio. What follows is basically a series of events from Bill's dad building an air raid shelter in the garden which floods when it rains to his father enlisting, his sister carrying on with a Canadian soldier and Bill joining a gang of boys who scour bomb sites for shrapnel, bullets and trophies of war. But at the same time we see the difficulties faced from houses being bombed, hearts being broken and with loved ones away that sense of loneliness which starts to encroach on day to day life. ... Read Review