Movie Trailer for Gone Missing (2013) Daphne Zuniga, Lauren Bowles, Brigette Davidovici, Gage Golightly Movie Review

Gone Missing (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Gone Missing

Rene (Daphne Zuniga - The Wrong Babysitter) has always been a protective mum and despite her daughter Kaitlin (Brigette Davidovici) being 18 she still can't stop being protective and worrying about her. Her friend Lisa (Lauren Bowles - Her Last Will) is completely the opposite and happily allows her daughter Matty (Gage Golightly - The Long Shot) to have fun and make mistakes. When Rene's over protective nature causes Kaitlin embarrassment on spring break it leads to her rebelling and going missing with Matty. Being the protective mum Rene will stop at nothing till she finds her daughter but in doing so not only discovers some truths about Kaitlin but realises that her controlling protective ways are partially to blame for things. ... Read Review