Movie Trailer for Fun with Dick and Jane (1977) starring George Segal, Jane Fonda directed by Ted Kotcheff Movie Review

Fun with Dick and Jane (1977)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Fun with Dick and Jane

Dick Harper (George Segal) and his attractive wife Jane (Jane Fonda) enjoy living the good life as they are currently having a pool built in their backyard. Except that all changes when Dick, along with lots of other staff at the aerospace centre, finds himself canned. With huge debts and work being done on the house it is not long before Dick finds himself in the queue for welfare hand outs whilst Jane turns her hand to modelling. But it is soon clear that no matter what they do they can't make ends meet so Dick decides their only choice is a life of crime as they set about robbing drug stores. ... Read Review