Movie Trailer for Foolproof (2003) starring Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Booth, Joris Jarsky, David Suchet directed by William Phillips Movie Review

Foolproof (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Foolproof

Best friends Kevin (Ryan Reynolds - Van Wilder), Sam (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky) have a bit of an unusual pastime, they theoretically work out how to pull of robberies going as far as scouting and photographing locations but never doing the job. But that all changes when their meticulous plan to rob a jewellers is stolen and the job is pulled off by dangerous master criminal Leo Gillette (David Suchet - A Perfect Murder) who impressed by their planning blackmails them into planning a heist for him. With little choice the trio work their magic as to how to rob a bank but working for Gillette brings added tension between the friends. ... Read Review