Movie Trailer for Flying Down to Rio (1933) starring Dolores del Rio, Gene Raymond, Raul Roulien, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire directed by Thornton Freeland Movie Review

Flying Down to Rio (1933)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Flying Down to Rio

Band leader Roger Bond (Gene Raymond) has an eye for the ladies a trait which constantly gets him and his band "The Yankee Clippers" in trouble and usually out of work. When he starts flirting with Brazilian beauty Belinha de Rezende (Dolores del Rio - Cheyenne Autumn) it doesn't take long for the band to lose the gig in a Miami hotel but as luck has it Roger manages to find another gig for them down in Rio. And even luckier for Roger he discovers that Belinha is also heading home to Rio and manages to coerce her into flying with him in his 2 man plane, where following an engine problem he makes his move on her. But despite Belinha being interested in Roger there is a problem, she is engaged to marry Julio (Raul Roulien) back in Rio and must chose between them whilst also helping her father save his hotel from a trio of crooked business men. ... Read Review