Movie Trailer for Family Business (1989) starring Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Rosanna DeSoto, Janet Carroll, Victoria Jackson, Bill McCutcheon directed by Sidney Lumet Movie Review

Family Business (1989)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Family Business

So the story is simple Jesse (Sean Connery - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) has been a criminal all his life, in and out of prison so often he knows most older cops as friends. On the other hand his son Vito (Dustin Hoffman - Rain Man) having once done time having followed in his father's footsteps has turned his back on crime to be a respectable business owner wanting the best for his son Adam (Matthew Broderick - Ferris Duellers Day Off). And so to Adam who has paternal issues because Vito always wanted him to be the best and so has grown close to his criminal grandfather. With Adam coming to Jesse with a scam they persuade Vito to help in stealing a chemical from a laboratory. ... Read Review