Movie Trailer for Driven Underground (2015) Kristy Swanson, Emily Tennant, Lochlyn Munro, Rick Ravanello, Sebastian Spence, Rachel Hayward Movie Review

Driven Underground (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Driven Underground

When Christy Palmer (Emily Tennant - Daughter for Sale) witnesses a man being murdered in the woodlands she ends up running for her life and making it to the police station, where she not only gives a statement but picks out the killer, Karl Harvey (Rick Ravanello - Dangerous Company) from a line up. But when Harvey's smart lawyer gets him out on bail Christy and her mother Sarah (Kristy Swanson - Storm Rider) find themselves the victims of some threatening behaviour. With the police unable to stop the threats, and with there being a suspicion that there is a leak within the police force, Sarah takes matters in to her own hands and takes Christy far away to Oregon without telling anyone where they have gone with the police fearing she has been kidnapped. ... Read Review