Movie Trailer for Dear Secret Santa (2013) Tatyana Ali, Bill Cobbs, Jordin Sparks, Ernie Hudson Movie Review

Dear Secret Santa (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Dear Secret Santa

Jennifer (Tatyana Ali) is a hard working single woman who after being dumped by her boyfriend and then learning that her widowed father Ted (Bill Cobbs) has had a fall is taking some time out to return home to look after him even if he says he doesn't need looking after. It is back at home that she begins to receive anonymous romantic Christmas cards in the mail box. Perplexed Jennifer eventually responds to one of these cards, leaving it in the mail box and to her surprise gets a response, a response which makes here realise the cards are coming from Jack (Lamorne Morris), her childhood friend who was secretly in love with her. The trouble is that Jack died three years earlier in a Christmas day car accident. ... Read Review

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