Movie Trailer for Cinderella Man (2005) starring Russell Crowe, Rene Zellweger, Paul Giamatti, Craig Bierko, Paddy Considine, Bruce McGill, Connor Price directed by Ron Howard Movie Review

Cinderella Man (2005)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Cinderella Man

Despite once being a contender, boxer James J. Braddock (Russell Crowe - A Beautiful Mind) has fallen on hard times. His body is bruised and battered from fighting and with the Great Depression causing everyone to struggle to cope he is finding it hard to find work to keep his family together. But then he is given a chance, one more fight as a last minute opponent on a boxing card and despite being expected to be knocked out he shocks everyone and wins. One fight leads to another and suddenly Braddock's fortunes have turned around as he is given a shot at the title, becoming an inspiration to all those who are struggling through hard times. But standing in his way is notorious brutal boxer Max Baer (Craig Bierko - The Long Kiss Goodnight) an opponent whose lethal punches have resulted in death. ... Read Review

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